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You hear the word Cloud all the time, but honestly what does that mean and, more importantly, how is it changing technology around me?

There is this narrative from tech companies that you have to buy a new computer every few years for huge amounts of money to keep up with resource performance. We think you should only pay for expensive hardware if you really need it, and we also want to help those who are (maybe emotionally) attached to their computers and don’t have the money to buy a new computer for a few thousand dollars every few years.

We are super excited to see what is currently possible in the cloud gaming space and how far technology has advanced to enable such use cases. We looked at other industries and how they are using this kind of technology, we felt that especially in the creative sector there are many industries that would also benefit from superfast remote computers.

Surprisingly we didn’t find any solutions that would be simple enough that a self-employed creative could use them without having to study the subject in depth. So we made it our mission to bring the benefits of cloud computing and streaming a computer from the cloud to people who need this in their everyday life and to find out how we can help them.

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